Minovi Dental Treatment Menu

Complete services to keep your smile healthy and beautiful:

Preventive services

  • Brushing and flossing instruction with video
  • Preventative cleanings
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Sealants to prevent cavities
  • Fluoride treatments for children and adults
  • Athletic mouth guards
  • Dental photography

Implant Work

  • Realignment of implants, including “mini-implants”
  • Rework Implant-anchored dentures
  • Rework Implant-anchored crowns and bridges
  • **COMING SOON** Implant placement!

Tooth Whitening

  • In office treatment
  • Take home custom-made trays
  • To-go whitening and lip gloss

Periodontal (gum) Services

  • Non-surgical gum treatment
  • Antibiotic gum therapy
  • Laser gum therapy
  • Traditional gum therapy

Treatment of Migraines and TMJ Pain/Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment

  • Night guards and therapeutic splints
  • Custom snoring appliances made to stop you from snoring and to treat sleep apnea


  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Metal- free partial dentures
  • Denture repairs/relines/adjustments

Cosmetic Services

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Tooth-colored inlays and onlays
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges made of porcelain and/or ceramic. Ask us which is best for you!
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Smile makeovers without braces
  • Invisalign®
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Cosmetic tooth reshaping

Children’s Dentistry

  • Complete dental treatment for all ages

Office hours:

  • Monday : Closed
  • Tuesday : 8:30am – 6:30pm
  • Wednesday : 8:30am – 6:30pm
  • Thursday : 8:30am – 6:30pm
  • Friday : 8:30am – 6:30pm
  • Saturday (open the second Saturday of each month) : 8:30am – 2:30pm
  • Sunday : Closed

The office offers a 30-minute complimentary consultation to new patients to discuss questions and concerns. Treatment options and cost will always be discussed with patients ahead of time.


1234 19th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington DC 20036


We offer a 3rd partying financing options for services in the amount of $300.00 or more.

We currently work with 2 financing companies. They are:

Care Credit

Please visit


Please visit

*Up to 12 months interest free*


$99.00 for comprehensive examination, consultation and all needed x-rays. Call today @ 202.822.8777.