Gingivitis – What is it?

What is Gingivitis? Gingivitis: The early warning. I’ve noticed recently that a lot of individuals have a bit of a misconception in regards to what exactly gingivitis is. Reactions to being told they have gingivitis have ranged from almost stark terror to confusion. There seems to be a general idea that gingivitis is really rare […]

Bleeding Gums (The Bloody Truth)

Bleeding Gums (The Bloody Truth) So, you have a case of the bleeding gums, eh? I’ve gone over this a little bit in the past, why your gums bleed, of course. In terms of dentistry, that only really occurs because of one main reason: gum disease. I know, it’s a really bad word, but, it’s […]

Dental Cleanings, A Reiteration

Dental Cleanings, A Reiteration The stages of dental cleaning. If something does not get cleaned for a long while, it will get dirtier by the day, and will be more difficult to clean when you do get around to it. This is almost assured. This is definitely the case with cars, as you may have […]

Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth? So, you have sensitive teeth? You are not alone! A recent study has shown that, on average, one in eight people have sensitive teeth, at least in the States. This sensitivity was most prevalent in young adults, women, people with receding gums (usually due to gum disease) and individuals who do at-home teeth […]

Tooth Pain While Running?

Get Tooth Pain While Running? Experiencing tooth pain during or after your run? I’ve been told by many people recently that they experience tooth pain when they run or jog. Some have even told me that other exercises have ended in them feeling tooth and gum pain or sensitivity. I was told I must find […]

What to do with wisdom teeth?

What to do with wisdom teeth? Varying opinions. In the realm of dentistry there are (from what I’ve observed) two main veins of thought on just what to do with our wisdom teeth. They are generally: a. “Take them out. Take them out right now.” and b. “Take them out because now they are causing […]

What kind of toothbrush should you get?

What kind of toothbrush should you get? Thinking about buying a new toothbrush? Which kind should you get? There are varying opinions on this, that are nothing more than that, “opinions.” Some will tell you that they will only ever use manual toothbrushes, others will tell you they prefer a toothbrush that oscillates or moves […]

Pregnancy and oral health.

Pregnancy and oral health, some important facts. What does oral health have to do with pregnancy? First off, did you know that women are more likely to develop gingivitis while going through pregnancy? While a woman goes through pregnancy, a lot of changes happen in their bodies. One of which (and I’m sure you might […]

Dental cleaning? Which do you need?

What kind of dental cleaning do you need? The stages of dental cleaning. I think it would be safe to say that most of you reading this, and myself included, agree on something. That something is: if something does not get cleaned for a long while, it will get dirtier by the day, and will […]

Brushing your teeth too hard?

Are you brushing your teeth too hard?  Brushing your teeth too hard? Doing so can come back to bite you. (Pun intended.) I realize that in terms of “clean” very little comes close to the ol’ time honored tradition of using “a little elbow grease.” However, when dealing with the teeth and gums it is […]