Beyond Clinic Hours: Smile! Opera! Action!

Here’s what’s happening this weekend at In Series

Handel's The Tale of Serse
What’s on in Dupont Circle June 14 15 16 2019

In Series Washington, D.C.’s upcoming production of Handel’s full-length “The Tale of Serse” runs this weekend at the Baltimore Theatre Project  starting tomorrow, Friday night, June 14th, 15th & 16th (all shows at 8PM).

The originally unsuccessful stage drama and comedy is now recognized and admired by avid supporters and patrons of the arts worldwide. Washington, D.C. should watch out for LEAN IN 2019/2020.

We have more great performances in store for theater-aficionados and performing arts fans in the DC area,” says Clare Wolfwitz, who sits as a member of the board of directors of In Series and is also Health In Harmony’s director. Health In Harmony is a non-profit based in Portland, OR that supports environmental conservation and health projects in Indonesia.

Minovi Dental Brings Smiles Halfway Around the Globe

We are part of a community that brings smiles to people halfway around the globe! It is fascinating how technology bridges opportunities to support and participate in a bigger mission. A little over two months ago, we engaged a digital marketing agency in the Philippines to help maintain our online presence and our website. YOVEO Digital’s Founder, Lorna Bondoc, was introduced to me by a friend from FL. After a few phone calls to assess our need and discuss priorities and key objectives, we decided to work with Lorna and her team in the Philippines.

YOVEO is Spanish for “I (Yo) See (Veo). Lorna’s vision is to build a community of digital ‘micropreneurs’ by providing training, internship and livelihood opportunities in the technology industry to Filipinos in the rural areas and to women freelancers in the Philippines. Her startup is on its third year in Cebu City.

YOVEO Digital works with a network of digital freelancers–using online tools to collaborate and deliver services to clients both locally and abroad.

As a subscriber to YOVEO’s services, Minovi Dental is able to join and support her advocacy for empowering Filipinos through its communities and Connected Women Cebu.