Dental Care Tips for Summer Travelers

Dental Care Tips for Summer Travelers

All packed and ready for a summer holiday? Here’s a quick list of dental care tips for summer travelers–whether you are traveling out-of-town, out-of-state, or overseas.

Dental Care Tips for Summer Travelers
Dental Care Tips for Summer Travelers 

Spending time on the road or at the airport during layovers can actually be a breeze as long as you keep yourself feeling fresh. What to pack on your toilet essentials pouch:

Dental floss or water pick
Travel-approved size bottle mouthwash
Shampoo & conditioner
Insect repellant/bug spray
Hand and body, and lip balm
Hair brush/comb
Shaving cream, Razor, after-shave
Emergency kit (paracetamol, pain-reliever, anti-allergy)


1. Schedule a dental appointment a few weeks before you travel. Getting a thorough dental check-up before leaving can prevent unnecessary discomfort caused by toothaches while traveling.

2. When in doubt, brush and gargle using bottled water. It pays to be on the safe side especially when visiting another country.

3. Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle instead of buying bottled water. You can save money on your trip by refilling at the airports’ water coolers.

4. Ice. Summer can really get the temperature soaring, the air hot and humid. Drink water but don’t chew ice. Be kind to your teeth and avoid chipped teeth.




5. Snacks & Sweets. Munching and snacking on candy bars while on the go can be a habit that is more harmful than helpful when traveling. If you find yourself enjoying sweets, make sure you drink lots of water and are brushing at least 3 times a day. Prevent cavities from building up. If you are a big snacker, try healthier alternatives by creating your own trail mix of nuts and seeds.

6. Forgot your toothpaste? Here are natural options for DIY toothpaste.

7. Check and understand your dental insurance coverage. If traveling overseas or interstate, find out accredited dental clinics near your travel destination, in case of emergencies.




Travel safe and have fun! Happy summer!

Minovi Dental Team