Food around Dupont Circle. Where to go after the dentist.

Dupont Circle eats. Best bites around town.

Dupont Circle Food

Dupont Circle and the glorious foodies paradise.

If ever there was a place, around which you may work or live, that provided a seemingly endless buffet of tasty foods, Dupont Circle is just a place. From the prestigious Restaurant Nora (93% on Zagat) to The Palm (90% on Zagat), foodies of all walks of life flock to this delicious paradiso.

In fact, a quick search on the web at urbanspoon gives us a glimpse of what’s in store…no less than 152 places to satiate your appetite. I’ve personally just barely touched the surface of what’s available, and I’ve eaten at about, oh, 20 or so different restaurants from that list. If that weren’t enough, go down “P” street and you’ll run into Georgetown…another remarkably expansive area of edible indulgences.

Food for all walks of life. (Vegans and Veggies take note!)

Yes, there is quite a variety of food items in the plethora of menus. Vegetarian and vegan food options abound! If you’re looking for a salad you could try out Chop’t right around the corner. Delicious salads for everyone’s taste, and I do mean everyone’s! One of my favorites is the Palm Beach, with avocado, hearts of palm, cucumber and tomato. Purely vegan and purely good, nutritious AND delicious! Any one of their salads can also be converted to wrap form.

Kramer Books & Afterwords Cafe is another tasty location across the Circle with a large selection of wine and brew (wait till the numbing, if any, wears off!) Then you have BGR, a burger joint a stones throw away, Zorba’s Cafe with it’s many great Greek dishes, James Hoban’s for the Irish in you, Moby Dick’s House of Kabob for some truly authentic tasting Middle Eastern morsels…so many places, so much amazingly delicious representations of culture, in food form! There’s even a super secret alley-way delight called The Well Dressed Burrito, with some phenomenal tastes.

There’s cupcakes, donuts, smoothies, frozen yogurt, salads, wraps, sit-downs, stand-ups, steaks and everything in between, at your finger-(lickin’)-tips. I may have made you, reader, salivate a bit, but that’s all for the good! Saliva does great things for your teeth.

After the dentist.

So, come in for an appointment, get that filling done, get that cleaning done, and afterwards go out and enjoy what this area of the city has to offer. From this great spoke-filled wheel we call “Dupont Circle” you have an array of places to eat, things to do, and night life to enjoy. You have monuments to explore, museums to lose yourself in, kick ball and volley ball pick-ups, and just about anything else.

If you do, in fact, dread going to the dentist, think about all the things to do afterwards! If that doesn’t get your mind off it, um, well…that’s okay! We’re super gentle anyway!

In closing…

I’ve opened the door to many a date night, or after-work-romping around Dupont Circle. I implore you, walk through that door, and let your taste buds explore and your palate expand! But remember…brush after your done!

Stay healthy my friends.



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