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Making the Perfect Smile


About smiles.

Great looking teeth, and a beautiful smile are something that most of us want. In fact 80% of people surveyed by the AACD have stated they would spend to make their smiles more attractive. Also 48% of those surveyed believe that your smile is your most memorable attribute.

Imperfections in a smile tend to make one self-conscious and avoid certain social activities, even if there is only a small flaw. We see ourselves in the mirror on a fairly regular basis, and tend to look at some of our small flaws (in this case, imperfections related to your smile or your teeth) through a magnifying glass. They stand out to us, because we see it regularly, while it could be virtually unnoticeable by the people you come into contact with regularly, but this doesn’t change how we ourselves perceive these small imperfections. I for one had a small gap in my front teeth when I was younger, that was VERY noticeable to me. It was hard for me to smile, to laugh openly and even to talk to people, as I was worried about showing my gap. It bothered me quite a bit. Cosmetic dentistry helped me immeasurably, and since I closed the gap in my front teeth, I’ve been much more outgoing in social settings, and have no problem laughing and smiling in public.

Cosmetic dentistry can fix a wide array of issues a lot of us have with our teeth and smile, more so than you may realize.

What can we do with your smile?

Cosmetic Veneers – Cosmetic veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are put on the front of your teeth. They are generally used (in the cosmetic sense) to make the teeth brighter, whiter, and sometimes to correct the shape of the tooth slightly. They can be used in some instances to close gaps in your teeth. Those with very stained or discolored teeth that won’t brighten even after attempts at whitening, can benefit greatly from cosmetic veneers as well.

Cosmetic Bonding – Cosmetic bonding is similar in affect to the veneers mentioned above, with the difference being that while veneers are made of a certain type of porcelain (and are very durable), the material used in cosmetic bonding is a tooth-colored resin material that can be bonded to your teeth. It is predominantly used (in cosmetic dentistry) to repair chipped teeth, repair discolorations in the teeth, close the space between teeth, make teeth appear larger, and to change the shape of teeth. It is generally considered more inexpensive than porcelain veneers. However, the resin material used for cosmetic bonding does not have the same durability and strength of a porcelain veneer.

Professional Dental Whitening – The difference between in-office, professional dental whitenings, and the over the counter mostly has to do with the concentration of the whitening agent itself. For instance, in our office, the in-office whitening agent we use is about 3 times more potent than that in leading over the counter whiteners, which is why we apply it using the tools at our disposal as a dental office. The difference between professional dental whitenings and over the counter whitening methods can be significant, in terms of results.

Dental Implants – Missing some teeth? Dental implants are a permanent solution to this problem. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that get’s placed in your jaw where you have a missing tooth, in order to support a replacement dental crown or dental bridge. There are other options for missing teeth, but in terms of longevity, implants would be the more viable choice.

Invisalign (Dental Aligners) – Invisalign has not been around as long as traditional braces have, but it’s made a big entrance into the field of orthodontics and tooth alignment. These aligners are see through, for starters, so you can hardly notice that a person is even getting their teeth straightened while going through Invisalign treatment. In many cases they do what any other traditional form of dental alignment can: straighten teeth, align the bite of your mouth, close gaps in the teeth, etc., all while being much more inconspicuous than traditional braces.

Cosmetic consultations to decide what is right for you.

If you are curious about any part of cosmetic dentistry, we offer free Cosmetic Consultations to discuss what your vision is of your “perfect smile.” During this consult you would be invited to ask questions about the different services the doctor will go over with you, and we will discuss with you what services would achieve your desired results.

It’s always important to get your questions answered, and we can help you decide on what is right for you and your needs. Visit our appointment page to request an appointment today, and let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Stay healthy my friends.

More information about cosmetic dentistry can also be found here.



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