New Dental Videos

Our New Dental Videos!

Dental Videos

We’re getting some informative dental videos on our site!

I’m pleased to share that we will be getting some very informative dental videos added to our site over the next week or so.

These videos will range anywhere in between the process of getting a composite dental filling to how we do root canals. We’ve been planning it for quite a while and now we have the means to deliver. I’m glad we get to offer you this as we love to focus on education and prevention which these videos support. They will cover many subjects which I’ll list out here:

Dental Fillings: You’ll find out why dental fillings are done in the first place. You’ll get to see what the difference is between a composite (tooth colored) filling and an amalgam (silver colored) filling. You’ll see what happens when fillings become old and worn out…and more!

Root Canals: You’ll get to see just what a “root canal” is. You’ll see what the procedure for a root canal is like. You’ll get to find out why leaving an infected tooth alone is not such a good idea…and more!

Dental Crown: You’ll see when you would do a filling, as opposed to when you would get a dental crown. You’ll find out what would a dental crown in our office would look like and much more.

There will be many more videos going up, I just wanted to give you a small example of what you will be able to see with these new tools.

Basically, we want you to use these videos to assist you in understanding whatever treatment you may be needing, or that you were curious about. So, please feel free to browse them to help get a fuller understanding. In the near future we’ll also be putting the new patient dental forms on our website in order to facilitate your arrival into our office and make it as easy as ever. We hope you use our website to the fullest from the informational blogs we post to the videos on the different aspect of dentistry. Thanks for reading!

Stay healthy my friends.



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