New Year, New Dental Insurance Benefits

New Year, New Dental Insurance Benefits

dental insurance

Dental Insurance typically renews in January…

It’s time to get back to getting those teeth and gums into a healthy state…and keeping them there.

Dental Insurance is a great boon to helping yourself keep those pearly whites white, and those pink gums pink. Usually allowing for you to receive two or more professional dental cleanings a year. As dental cleanings are usually labeled as Preventative procedures, and Preventative procedures are usually covered much better than, oh, let’s say…a root canal procedure, it’s a no-brainer to schedule a dental cleaning a couple times a year with it.

I won’t try to get into the very many different plans that the very many different dental insurance companies have, but I can tell you this: Having dental insurance definitely helps you to get the proper care you need, in the often forgotten about mouth.

January is also usually the time that dental benefits (the money allowed per year by your insurance company) renews. This means that, for instance, you needed to have a cavity in your tooth filled, and had no dental benefits remaining, you would be able to do them when January rolls around (in most cases).

If you’re curious about what kind of coverage your dental insurance provides, how much you have per year for your annual benefits, if a certain dental procedure is covered, as well as whether this office accepts your specific dental plan, we are always more than happy to help. Just give us a call, we’ll get your necessary insurance information over the phone, and get a full breakdown of your benefits for you.

Waiting to get needed dental work done can further affect the health of your teeth and gums. It’s January now, so if you have dental insurance, come on in to see your Dupont Circle dentist and get the work that you need done. Your health, and mouth, will thank you for it.

Stay healthy my friends!



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  1. have partial but im interest dental implants i have medicaid kaiser husband needed wisdom teeth removed

  2. Interested in implants and husband needs wisdom teeth remove kaiser and medicaid have kaiser and medicaid

    1. Hi Angela,

      Please call the office so we can verify your insurance information. Our phone number is (202) 822-8777. Sorry we did not receive your message till now but we would be glad to help you if you still need it.

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