New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

It’s the New Year! Almost all of us make New Years resolutions right about now. A lot of them have to do with appearance; weightlifting resolutions, running resolutions, weight loss resolutions, cosmetically-inclined resolutions, etc.

It’s the time, right now, to reflect on what we want to be different in our lives, be it a change of appearance, or getting a new job. Yesterday marked the kick-start a lot of us use to make just such a change.

What is it that you are resolving this year?

A New Years Resolution I Stuck With

A while back, I resolved to be more confident in my interpersonal relationships for the New Year. I had a cosmetic issue with my teeth, involving large gaps between some of my front teeth. I didn’t like smiling around others, and I didn’t talk as much because of the fact I had my attention on these gaps in my teeth.

Fast forward a couple of months and I finally make my dentist appointment to talk about my options. I sat down with the doctor and the first thing I wanted to know was, “Would Invisalign be right for me?” The doctor checked me out and found that I wouldn’t really benefit from Invisalign as my teeth were just “too small.” I was pretty dejected, because, at that moment, I thought all hope was lost. I thought, “Welp! There goes that resolution.” I was only a couple of moments in the depths of despair, before the doctor told me I had another option. My ears perked up, and I harkened hard. She said we could still get that perfect smile I was looking for, and it would only take a couple of weeks! “What?!” I exclaimed with disbelief. She went on to tell me that we could do dental veneers. These dental veneers would be able to be shaped, shaded, and molded into what I wanted my teeth to look like. We started that same day and by the end, after she put temporary veneers on me, I had a smile I was completely proud of! It looked exactly how I wanted it!

The doctor had told me that she was going to do temporary veneers on me while my actual porcelain veneers would be coming from the dental lab in a couple of weeks. The porcelain veneers were my permanent veneers. So, I strutted around for a couple of weeks showing off my new smile (and when I say showing off, I mean it. I was smiling at every single person on the street). It was great! A couple weeks later, I got called in by the office to get the permanent veneers placed. It was a painless process that only took an hour and a half. After the procedure, they handed me the mirror and…WOW! I was blown away. In two weeks I went from being a shy, un-talkative, social outcast, to gaining that confidence I’d been hoping to muster up for years. I started talking with everyone, with a confidence I didn’t know I could show. My smile was great, and I knew it!

These are the results you can get with cosmetic dentistry. You can achieve results that can factually change how you act in life, around other people. I know from experience. Be it a teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental veneers, cosmetic bonding, or just a cleaning, we can help you achieve some of those New Years resolutions some of you may have. In fact we love seeing the smiles on our patients faces when they finish their treatment and love how they look.

Let us help you with your New Years resolutions.

Stay healthy my friends.



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