Sore Gums – What Gives?

Sore Gums, What Gives?

Sore Gums

What Causes Sore Gums?

Sore gums aren’t much thought about compared to tooth pain. Tooth pain is one of the most treated, or talked about issue with the mouth. In fact, when people think “dentist” they may have the idea of things pertaining only to teeth. There are, however, many other issues that can occur in your mouth that the dentist is skilled at treating.

One of the most common issues involves sore gums. Sore gums are usually the result of some kind of infection in the gums themselves. This infection can sometimes be caused by a piece of food stuck in between your tooth and gums, which when left alone, can cause severe pain in your gums. The most common cause of sore gums is usually, from what I’ve seen, is caused by some level of gum disease, or periodontitis. When bacteria around the teeth, and along the gum line, form that sticky film that we all know as dental plaque, and it’s left there for a couple of days (from lack of proper, or thorough hygiene), your body reacts to this bacteria the same way it would to bacterial infections in other parts of your body; the infected area becomes irritated, red, inflamed, and sore. The infected area is, of course, the gums. The soft tissue surrounding the teeth in your mouth. Sore gums are a sign that you may need to better hygiene habits, see the dentist for more regular cleanings, and generally take better care to remove plaque and bacteria in your mouth.

What can you do?

Coming to our office for your hygiene visits regularly, combined with proper oral hygiene and home care, will greatly reduce the risk of getting sore, bleeding, or bothersome gums. The hygienist will even help show you proper brushing and flossing technique so that you have a better chance of fighting infection yourself. There are a lot of bacteria in your mouth…this is a given. We eat food, drink drinks, breath air, maybe bite our fingernails or chew on pens, along with many other things with our mouths. There is a plethora of ways bacteria get into your mouth. Oral hygiene, tooth care, and regular dental visits are all ways of removing bacteria regularly, so they don’t build up plaque, and dental tartar in the mouth.

So, realize, if you do have tooth pain, or sore gums, it would be a good idea to get those areas checked by your dentist or hygienist, and taken care of. If the infection is severe enough, you will need some professional care, as it won’t go away by itself. Maintain your regular checkups, get help with hygiene if you feel you need it, and maintain your home care between dental visits. Your mouth will love you for it!

Stay healthy my friends.



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