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Teeth Cleaning Tips

Dental tip 1: The brush

Interested in keeping your teeth cleaning skills up to par? Pick the right tooth brush for your teeth. You should be able to comfortably attack your gum line at a 45 degree angle and brush down to the bite on every tooth. This should be done from inside to out and from back to front for a solid three minutes for proper teeth cleaning. We find that most patients do not brush their teeth long enough because it is not comfortable for them to hold their mouths open for three minutes 2 to 3 times a day. The length and firmness of the bristles will determine your willingness to brush longer. It’s often recommended that you use a soft bristled brush so as not to wear down tooth enamel and gums. If you have an electric tooth brush, great! Ask the dentist for a demonstration the next time you’re in the chair. Both the hygienist and the doctor can show you how to both brush, and floss your teeth correctly, and help answer any questions you may have.

Dental tip 2: The change-up

Change your technique if you’re spending too much time in the dental chair. Consider setting a timer for 3 minutes and start brushing your teeth from the inside rear of your mouth to the front. If you start on the left lower, start on the right upper. We get into habits and sometimes don’t realize they aren’t the best habits for proper teeth cleaning!

Dental tip 3: The backup

If your toothbrush is not dry before every use, you might want to consider a backup. It is imperative that your tooth brush is clean to prevent bacteria from taking hold and forming. It is also important to know when to throw your brush away. Three months should be the limit for brush use, because after that the brushes begin to lose their shape and strength and are no longer as effective as when they were new. Many tooth brushes out now have colored bristles, and they instruct you to throw the brush away after the color fades from the tips of the bristles.

Dental tip 4: The rinse

After each teeth cleaning (2 times a day is the minimum, but 3 times a day is best), be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out in order to remove any lingering particles. It is not only necessary to remove plaque and germs from your teeth, but also necessary to remove them from the rest of your mouth. Usually the dentist will suggest an alcohol free mouth rinse, as the alcohol would tend to dry out your mouth, making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria later.

Dental tip 5: The string

If you’re unsure of the proper technique for flossing your teeth ask us for a demonstration. Each dental office should have a porcelain model of teeth and gums in order to demonstrate the proper techniques for cleaning including those hard to reach molars where most germs tend to take hold and create bad breath. They’ll also show you with the mirror as they are flossing your teeth, exactly how to do it. So take heed! Sometimes all we need is a reminder lesson. Ask yourself this – when was the last time, if ever, you were shown how to really take care of your teeth? If it’s a “I can’t remember!”, then ask us to show you! It will obviously help in the long run.

Stay healthy my friends.



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