The DC Dentist Secret Garage

If you’re coming in to see the dentist, here’s the best place to park in Dupont Circle. The garage is at 1920 N St. NW and it is a two minute walk from the dental chair. The nearly unmarked parking entrance is on the south side of N street. Parking is $10.00 if you arrive at the lot before 9:00 AM, otherwise it’s between $9-$16. It’s the only garage we’ve found that takes credit cards, so it’s convenient. The garage is owned by Colonial Parking, but it does not show up on their parking app and it is not on Google Places in Washington, DC so keep an eye out! It can only be approached from the east heading west.

Best parking Dupont Dentist visit

If you were facing north you could see the Embassy of Egypt to the left (as shown here), and to the right is 19th Street which leads to the Dentist.

Egyptian Embassy near Minovi DDS
Embassy of Egypt view from the front of the parking garage on N Street

A bite to eat after the dental chair

There’s an easy way to find us. Minovi Dental is right across the street from The Palm Restaurant and we have many patients that schedule cleanings just before lunch in order to sink their teeth into a juicy burger after their dental appointment. It’s their reward for healthy teeth and gums. Of course you don’t have to schedule your appointment that way, just having a dentist in Dupont Circle is convenient to downtown business and to all forms of public transportation, but if you need to drive, this might help make it easier for you.

Palm Burgers Washington DC
Don’t forget to brush those teeth after lunch followed by a thorough rinse.

From the fourth floor and while in the dental chair, you can see the Palm Restaurant below.

Palm Restaurant DC across from Minovi Dental



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