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With the rising costs of everything from food to gas to home premiums, it is quite easy to cross off having the right dental plan from the list of necessary expenses. After all — you just need to visit the dentist every six months for cleaning, right? Nothing life-threatening or urgent really, but what if you are wrong about that?


You have heard it many times –”An ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure.” — that is true as well with the oral care you give to yourself. Sometimes brushing your teeth and flossing are not enough. Having a dental plan that covers comprehensive dental services will make it easier for you to remember to go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned as well as having your gums and everything else in the oral cavity checked. This is because a good dental insurance plan will usually have preventive care included in their basic coverage. You can confidently go to a dentist within their network to avail of this service.


Why is it important that a dentist sees you once every six months? More often than not, the average person will not know that there are signs of a small cavity that is starting until the pain is already felt –and when that happens, the issue is aggravated and could already cost more to treat. There are special packages offered to patients who are just getting on track in their dental care plan. Go see your nearest dentist and ask about new patient specials.


The mouth can sometimes also give doctors a clue on the general well-being of a person. Changes in the general appearance of the gums, the looseness of the teeth, mouth sores, etc, can be indicators that something else is happening in the body such as diabetes. Catching disease in its early stages is important. A good dentist can point these symptoms so something can be done about it immediately.


Another reason why you should know what is covered in your dental insurance is that if and when you do need dental treatments, they will be considerably lesser than if the required treatment is out of coverage. Even if you co-pay or your treatments are beyond the amount limits and you have to add, the dentists within the network have agreed to charge lesser for clients in a program than regular clients without insurance.


Having insurance will also come in handy if there is an emergency procedure that needs to be done on your teeth and gums. How many times have you had to stay at home from school or from work because you had a terrible toothache? You do not have to worry about having no money at that moment or worry about breaking the bank because you are covered with dental insurance.


In the long run, the benefits outweigh the cost of having the right dental insurance. Minovi Dental in Dupont Circle is accredited by top dental insurance providers, please click on the insurance checker.



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